Kick Off


I love crafts. As a kid my Grandma signed my cousin and I up for sewing classes. My cousin was good and enjoyed it,  I hated it….In fact I still kind of hate sewing. The older I got the more I’ve wanted to do crafty pretty, girlie, housewife type things. Mind you I am not old I’m 24 and defiantly not a housewife or planning on getting married, but some reason I’m in a nesting stage of my life.

I recently been doing crafts and going to  Joann Fabrics like it is my dealer, my fabric dealer. I first stared making pins for your hair and jackets, I call them Thing-A-Ma-Jigs. That are fun and easy to make but I felt like I had a lot of them and wanted to do something different.

My mom has this awesome book The Perfect Apron. I’ve adopted this book. There is 35 apron designs to make and enjoy! I love it just to look at it and to have it on my coffee table. Kick off I’m going to try to make as many of these fun aprons as I can. Again I really don’t like sewing but it has already been a great learning experience.


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