The 1st Born


I made the first apron from The Perfect Apron about a month ago. I sewed the Floral Dance apron on page 97.

Ps I stained the dresser below that weekend too, I was did a bunch of crafts.

What really made me want to make my own apron was that I had just done a cut and sew pattered apron. It was an apron packet that had the pattern printed on the clothe and you cut along the edges and sew. It was not very nice and I did a really bad job, so I wanted to make a nice apron.

Now something about me I don’t follow the rules/direction, I make my own. Sewing directions are very hard for me to understand. I don’t get a lot of the terms; raw edges, rights sides, bias binding, etc….I don’t get it. I have to ask my mom what everything means, she took home ec, which I didn’t.

I’m very proud of myself because I used my mom’s sewing machine all by myself. This is not an easy feat. She has an amazing still rocks any sewing machine. I have to ask her what it is, it’s old though. I threaded the bobbin alone!!!!! That was my biggest worry.

It took me a whole night after work. But I finished my first apron and it’s beautiful, at least for my first time! I love bright colors and it is nice and heavy apron, it will be good for cooking but I don’t want to get it dirty, I want aprons to look pretty around the house.

This apron called for hemming of the edges, and a different waist band. What I did different is a backing on almost everything and so I didn’t have to hem anything, and I tried to make an all-in-one waistband instead of a waistband with ties. I don’t think I did the all-in-one waistband correct any way, but it looks okay.

What I found out for my first sewing endeavor on my own;

  • Wash your material before you sew it. (incase it shrinks)
  • Your Iron is your best friend.
  • The seam ripper is your next best friend.

The next apron is going be Gipsy Spirt. Be on the look out for more information.


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