Gipsy Spirt


My second apron is Gipsy Spirt on page 39 of The Perfect Apron.

I know it sounds silly that I said I was so proud that I was able to sew the last apron all by myself, but I am. Sewing is hard if you don’t do it often. While I was sewing this apron I was thinking I really hope I get better with each apron I do, otherwise sewing is not for me. When I make mistakes I’m already half way through to the next direction and when I realize them they are hard to fix without tearing everything apart. I really hope I get better. Gipsy Spirt took me about three evenings to finish and a few trips to the fabric store. Even though it is not perfect I like it better that than Flora Dance.

What I learned with this apron is:

  • The iron is still my Best Friend. (and the seem ripper is too).
  • To read all the instructions and then lay out what I’m going to do.
  • Thread the same color as your material is forgiving, which I need.
  • I like backing the apron even when it doesn’t call for it. This creates a few extra steps that I have to think about, but it’ll make the apron kitchen worthy.
  • I still have trouble threading the bobbin in the machine.
  • I think the zig zag threading pattern is cooler than the straight line.
  • And making bow is going to take practice.

I still haven’t decided what apron I will be doing next, it might be Hot Lips on pg. 22 or Plain Sailing on pg. 10.


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