Tea for the Day!


Today I went to a tea party hosted by my sister Erin. My sister Jo sells tea called Heavenly Special Teas, they’re delicious. The teas are “top of the barrel,” and they smell wonderful. Someone said they would like a candle that smelled like the tea, so I thought I can do that. I don’t know why I think I will be uber successful with things I’ve never done before. I’m not a candle maker, and I will never be.

After the party I went to Ben Franklin and Ross with my cousin. We went to Ben Franklin first and bought wax and candle wicks. It is ridiculous expensive for wax and candle stuff, but I still bought a brick of wax. Then we went to Ross and I found huge candles that I could of melted down instead of buying a brick of wax. Ross has everything, I’m going to do what my cousin says on the subject of Ross, “Go there first for everything you need.” I also picked up a set of mini tea cup for super cheap and they where going to be the candle holders.

I had taken four different teas from my sister, Holiday Spice, Market Spice, Raspberry Rave, and White Chocolate Mouse. I cut the brick into three parts and used the Holiday Spice, Market Spice, and the Raspberry Rave. I let the tea steep in the wax like the I would in water, hoping it would make the wax smell good. I made more of a mess then it is worth for a tea cup sized candle, but they are sure cute looking when lit. So what I learned is if I ever decide to make candles frequently I will get a special pot or fondue pot for the wax, but I think this will be one craft I might not do much of. It’s fun and cute but I’m not wonderful at everything I try and making candles I’m not so wonderful at that.


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