Nimble Fingers Part 1


My sewing area.

Christmas waived goodbye and New Years is coming, bummer I love Christmas. I’m now 25 as of the 23rd of December too, a lot happens for me this time of year. This Christmas my family got me a sewing box of my own, it’s of my own since I was borrowing my mom’s sewing box since summer. I also got a gift card to Jo-Ann Fabrics so I got some material for my next apron to make.

I am making Nimble Fingers from The Perfect Apron. This is a cute Spring apron and in the book they use green, yellow, and baby blue tones; I decided on purples, and some green/teal tones. wait and see… First I’d like to say so far my fingers are anything but nimble, and second I feel like I was doing the best with this apron but it is not turning out like it should.

So far I have all the ribbon and base of the apron cut and sewed. The apron seems longer than what the picture shows and but I did not cut it extra long. Dealing with too long is easier to handle instead of too short. So that is where I am right now, I still have the bottom frill and the waistband to do, and I still haven’t decided if I will back it. I had to take a break for the night since it was getting cold and I sew in the garage. I was super excited to sew till the early hours and with a new heater that I got but it is way lame and doesn’t work well so I will be returning it and getting a better one, so I can continue to sew into the night.

Stay tuned for the finish of Nimble fingers…I need to join a sewing class so I can get nimble fingers.

Nimble Fingers and my purple material.


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