Nimble Fingers Part 2



“Patience and very delicate touch are required to give this dainty apron a precious, heirloom look.” -The Perfect Apron

There is problems in this… I’m not patience, delicate, or dainty; maybe that is why I desire to to so well on this, so I can be all of the above. I’m not done yet I want to be done so bad, again not patient. But I look at my last apron Gipsy Spirit and the pocket has fallen off and I’m not as happy with it, but I know I’m learning and the time will pay off.

Today my mom came over to help explain a few instructions, since she knows how to sew. I realized tonight that learning how to sew from my mom is like learning how to drive a stick shift from her; frustrating and I don’t understand what’s coming out of her mouth and tears ensue. I have no other options though, I want to learn and I need to learn to continue further. Today she helped me put the pocket on, and we were successful at that, tomorrow is the waistband…


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  1. I am sorry that I too have little patience and am quick to shake you off and not be to helpful. Your learning style and my teaching do not match sometimes. But the ‘want to’ will be your driving force to learning. With every project you are learning that you have the ability to learn. Did you get that? Your apron will be spectacular and each one is better than the previous. Don’t give up, your tenacity will pay off.

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