Wooden-Handle Purse

I found a new book!!! It’s looks like the counter part for The Perfect Apron, it’s called The Perfect Handmade Bag. I love it!

This weekend I did a lot of crafts; made more Thing-A-Ma-Jigs, hairbands, hair stuff, and this purse above. I’m pretty much a self taught seamstress and I’m not that wonderful yet. When I was in first or second grade I took a sewing class that my grandma signed me up for and I hated it. It was soooo boring and I wished I wasn’t there, now I wished I had paid more attention.

This Friday I stumbled across purse handles at Jo Ann Fabrics and I was super excited…then I saw the book. I’ve been wanting to find purse patterns, because I love purses and I can design them however I want. This book is perfect, just like the title says. It gives patterns, and awesome walk-thoughs.

I found a cute fabric and cute bamboo handles and got going on my first purse. As I’ve said before in my blog I don’t follow directions, and there were directions that I didn’t fully understand so I almost did my own thing. I read the directions several times and had to test the directions before sewing to see how it would work. I’m happy that I followed the directions and did a decent job.

What I learned while making a purse.

  • Iron is still my best friend.
  • Going slower is better. I need to take my time.
  • Read the directions several times and ask someone who knows how to sew well to clarify the directions.
  • It’s okay if it is not perfect. (Which it won’t be for a while.)
  • I want to be a great seamstress, so I’ll practice.
  • I want to take sewing classes.

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