Bollywood Bedroom


It starts somewhere.

My new project…make a headboard. I wasn’t happy with the way my room was looking and I wanted some changes. I wanted my room to look like a magazine so I went online and saw a bunch of self-help, how to make your own headboard. The easiest one/being one of the cheapest ways I could make my own headboard was to convert a door into a headboard.

Trimming it up.

I went down to this great place called Bring; they have recycled and reused things. It was great they had so many doors to look over. I picked a solid 78 inch door.

I have a queen sized bed, and queen beds are usually 60x 80 inches, so I would have to cute down the door to fit my space and bed. My pastor helped cut my door down to 69 inches, he had a table and skill saw. The cutting of the door was something I wasn’t going to tackle by myself at all, so it’s good to know someone who can help you there. Picking a solid door will be the best idea to sanding will be easy and cutting it going to go off without a hitch.

Once I had everything cut to size I got down to sanding and de-stressing my door. I wanted to have a bright color in the background not just the white that came one the door. I have a Bollywood/ Bohemian themed room so bright was okay.

It's green!!

Green is my favorite color and I also have a few bed spreads that have green in them, green is a universal color. I was so excited with my door and the progress I wanted to make is reversible, so I painted the other side blue. I loved the blue side but it totally reminded me of Dr. Who’s TARDIS.


The reversible side was really fun and they both looked good, but now I had to think about logistics of hanging up the headboard. I was thinking about putting i hooks in the top half and hanging the door with screws but that would take some time and would be off-center on my door because of where the studs are in the wall. So I had to make some choices about how I could hang my headboard up. When I was looking online there were a few ways suggested for hanging the headboard, seriously just Google door headboard, but we just decided to screw the door to the wall with super long wood screws. Since I had to screw the headboard to the wall I won’t be able to flip my door at this time, but there is still the option in the future.

I am happy with my progress on my room and it is looking more cohesive. I happy with my most recent project and continue to update my space into something I love.


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