Soft Floral Bag


I’m very proud of this purse and what I made. I had extra fabric and looked through my book, The Perfect Handmade Bag, to find a pattern that would use the fabric up, I found the Soft Floral Bag.

The pattern base was the same as the first purse that I made, but included a band and cloth handles. I added a pocket on each side of the liner.

The things I learned:

  • As usual I had to use a seam ripper and the iron; these two items are always a must when I sew.
  • I’ve become a little, mind you little, more patient. Because of that I’ve started to slow down a bit.
  • When I mess up which I do, I’m calm about it and take my time fixing my mistake, and so then I don’t make a bigger mistake.
  • I can see what changes I need to make with each new thing I sew, to make the next one better.
  • I’m not perfect and there is always something I can fix next time around, but I like doing this more and more. I think I like it because I am slowly getting better at it.

I really enjoy my craft time and it helps me slow down and process. I don’t always sew for crafts/projects that I do, but the sewing is more meditative for me than the other projects. I like it and can’t wait for my next project! I’m thinking of a tea apron.


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