Domestic Diva


Yes I am a Domestic Diva, or really I’m just a diva. This was my favorite apron to make and I also did the best job on it as well.

Is it my favorite becuase it was easy? Is is the best apron because it was easy? Or I have I gotten a little better and understand the directions and have become just a tiny bit more patient and willing to take my time…. I think yes.

  • This apron seemed like a a simple pattern but it took some exact measurements and gathering. Gathering for a rouching effect is actually difficult for me and it’s kind of a pain in the butt.
  • When I first started sewing the directions were like a different language, and still are, but I’m starting to understand this foreign language.
  • And lastly I was patient the day I made Domestic Diva.
The biggest thing I learn with each apron and project I do it I always get better with each one. Practice does make perfect no matter what you are doing. You’ll find better and fast ways to get to your end goal and if you mess up you learn and move on next time. I really enjoy my craft experiences because I’ve really been able to see as an adult a how practice and determination will get you with even simple things. 

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