Christmas is Coming


Christmas is super close and I am making everyone’s Christmas gift this year. Well let me rephrase that I am making all the ladies in my family something. I’ve been making a number of items and sewing a few different things besides aprons and purses.

  1. First I’ve organized a pattern book and all my patterns are cut out and in a binder labelled.
  2. I’ve been way more patient then before and have really been enjoying sewing.
  3. My mom got me a new book, which I love and I’m making lots of projects from, 101 One Yard Wonders.
  4. I also bought Part 2.
  5. More blogs on all the crafts I’ve made will be coming very soon, I don’t want to blow all the surprise of what everyone is getting.

All I can say is I love the 101 One Yard Wonders!! It is awesome, I made a few things from it for Christmas, and there is a lot to pick from so I’m not ruining any surprise.



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