Cat Lady in Making


 So I made doll clothes. I have an American Girl from when I was a kid, her name is Samantha. I had gotten rid of Samantha but my Grandma kept her for safe keeping. I recently purchased another American girl doll, Felicity, and my Grandma shipped Samantha. I decided I would like to make them outfits, but for the benefit of my practice for sewing. (I’m trying to justify this activity).

So I have the official America Girl Doll patterns that they sold in the 90’s for both of these dolls. Their outfits are period specific; Felicity is from 1774 and Samantha is from 1904. Their outfits are very detailed and need a lot of ribbons and lace that I can’t find at a craft store. I made a go of one of Samantha’s outfits because I had material for it.

It is her cape and footie things (like the technical term). I knew I didn’t want to mess up the nice fabric so for the first time EVER I made a muslin test outfit and I was happy I did.

What I learned from the muslin pattern.

  • I can make mistakes; it’s good to make them! I was able to really see how I can fix and update my final product by my mistakes.
  • I can change how I make the final outfit. Just like a recipe I can update it and make it my own the second time around.

What I learned with the final outfit.

  • To take my time and work out the kinks from my muslin outfit.
  • This is a difficult project and I need to take my time.
  • Iron will always be the best friend, and my new love for interfacing!
  • I need to make it my own! The material is different then the original American Girl outfit, but it follows the same theme of material. So really be creative!

With all the sewing I’ve done so far I’ve really learned to take my time and be patient. I can make something really wonderful that other people will enjoy too! This project was one of the hardest for me to do and it ended up being one of the items I’m most proud of. It turned out really well and everyone agreed with me too, that means it must be good! So yes this is the Cat Lady in making, I promise not to become a hoarder or have a smelly house.


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