Bags & Purses Galore


One of the Christmas gifts I made was a new bag, The Curtain Shopper Bag. This was for my Aunt Lee Ann and I wanted to make it red! Luckily for me I had material from old curtain that my sister gave me that was red! I was going to make this bag with or without the curtain material but it was great to follow the instructions exactly, which I rarely do.

Fashionable Grocery Bag

The bag wasn’t to difficult to make  but there was some mistakes that I will be able to fix the next time around. I always remember my iron, pressing and making the fabric do what I need has been the number one key for my success with my sewing. I love interfacing and  I added the interfacing to the interior. The straps ended up being the trickiest for me and they always are on other bags as well.  I am really enjoying my sewing experiences more and more and I am really starting to understand the sewing instructions as well.


The Curtain Shopper Bag was from The Perfect Handmade Bag.


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