Charming Bag


My good friend Kris King, who is wonderful and fashionable and just had her Birthday on January 21 needed a gift. I wanted to make her a fun Birthday gift and since I’m kind of rocking the purses I knew what I would make her. This was a pattern from my newest book, Fabric by Fabric One Yard Wonders.

Flip it and reverse it.

This was a really different pattern for a purse than what I am used to. What was great is the One Yard Wonders included an easy to use pattern so it was very simple for the cutting of my fabric.

The exterior fabric required a home fabric, something thick and durable; I didn’t have that but I had an old pair of jeans that needed to be used. The interior was a my wonderful cotton fabric that I got on sale after Thanksgiving at JoAnn Fabrics. It was a funky purple and matched Kris’ personality.

The interior required a pocket and a snap which I have been using lately and love. The purse doesn’t have straps that attach like any other bag.

To make this purse I had to attach the exteriors including the handle and sew the bottom and side edges leaving the top open. After sewing the exterior I put the right sides together of the exterior and interior and sewed the top and handle. Because how the handle that is designed it wasn’t the typical sew the purse and flip it. After I flipped the purse inside out I sewed the edging of the top and the handle on the bag. The purse is almost done just let to sew the handles to the purse body. The instructions say to add a big button where the handle meets with the purse but I didn’t have any large buttons so I added, Thing-A-Ma-Jigs, a cute little flower.

As always iron is my best friend. It has been taking me anywhere from 2-3 hours to finish a bag, and depending on the bag I have been able to finish sooner about an hour and a half.

I hope Kris loves her gift. Happy Birthday to a great friend who will badly want to edit this post for me. : )

Happy Birthday


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