Birthday Love


February was Birthday Month. This last month I had three friends who had their birthday, and I made them something festive for the month as well.

Hosanna's Hot Lips

I made Hosanna and Sam a reversible Hot Lips apron. They rocked it out. This was a fun apron to make because I just got a ruffler foot so it made the gathering much easier. It was tricky to get use to but I watched some how-to videos on YouTube and it worked great!

Back side








Sam's Hot Lips

Krista's Sweetheart

Krista’s apron was called the Sweetheart apron. Her birthday was right after Valentines day and I wanted to make a fun Valentines gift for her. Ever since Krista has got married she has become quite the baker and I also wanted to make something useful for her.

All of the aprons didn’t call for lining but it makes a nicer more durable apron to line them; I also wanted my friends to have something quality from me. I hope they all had a wonderful birthday month and get use out of their aprons.


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