I was walking through Jo Ann Fabrics, as normal, and I ran across a new line of oil cloth they had out. Luckily I had a 50% off coupon for the $12.99 a yard fabric. Off topic but does everyone experience the same grouchy sour puss faced employees at Jo Ann’s, I mean they are always cross. Anyway I had been in need of a new lunch bag and wanted to make one too.  This is not really a promotion for Jo Ann Fabrics but I found a great free pdf pattern for a lunch bag called, Cute-Enough-To-Eat, on their website.  I did my research and looked online at lots of different patterns and the Cute-Enough-To-Eat was the best shape and size that I needed.

I got a coral, sea foam green, and brown patterned material. I realized I am horrible at taking pictures while in progress of my project, so I will work on that to show more steps. I had Insul Bright material. It was a simple enough pattern, you cut rectangles for exterior, interior, and batting and square off the ends. You create a box with handles attached. The pattern allowed for a lot of flexibility in creating your own way to attach/close the bag. You can use a button, Velcro, snaps, whatever you want and however you want to decorate it.

This pattern still left a lot of the oil cloth and I look forward to make more lunch boxes. The next time I make a lunch bag I’m going to look for the thick plastic packing sheets that you may see in more store bought or temperature safe bags, I want my lunch bag to be really ready to keep the cool in.




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