I was walking through Jo Ann Fabrics, as normal, and I ran across a new line of oil cloth they had out. Luckily I had a 50% off coupon for the $12.99 a yard fabric. Off topic but does everyone experience the same grouchy sour puss faced employees at Jo Ann’s, I mean they are always cross. Anyway I had been in need of a new lunch bag and wanted to make one too.  This is not really a promotion for Jo Ann Fabrics but I found a great free pdf pattern for a lunch bag called, Cute-Enough-To-Eat, on their website.  I did my research and looked online at lots of different patterns and the Cute-Enough-To-Eat was the best shape and size that I needed.

I got a coral, sea foam green, and brown patterned material. I realized I am horrible at taking pictures while in progress of my project, so I will work on that to show more steps. I had Insul Bright material. It was a simple enough pattern, you cut rectangles for exterior, interior, and batting and square off the ends. You create a box with handles attached. The pattern allowed for a lot of flexibility in creating your own way to attach/close the bag. You can use a button, Velcro, snaps, whatever you want and however you want to decorate it.

This pattern still left a lot of the oil cloth and I look forward to make more lunch boxes. The next time I make a lunch bag I’m going to look for the thick plastic packing sheets that you may see in more store bought or temperature safe bags, I want my lunch bag to be really ready to keep the cool in.




Birthday Love


February was Birthday Month. This last month I had three friends who had their birthday, and I made them something festive for the month as well.

Hosanna's Hot Lips

I made Hosanna and Sam a reversible Hot Lips apron. They rocked it out. This was a fun apron to make because I just got a ruffler foot so it made the gathering much easier. It was tricky to get use to but I watched some how-to videos on YouTube and it worked great!

Back side








Sam's Hot Lips

Krista's Sweetheart

Krista’s apron was called the Sweetheart apron. Her birthday was right after Valentines day and I wanted to make a fun Valentines gift for her. Ever since Krista has got married she has become quite the baker and I also wanted to make something useful for her.

All of the aprons didn’t call for lining but it makes a nicer more durable apron to line them; I also wanted my friends to have something quality from me. I hope they all had a wonderful birthday month and get use out of their aprons.

Charming Bag


My good friend Kris King, who is wonderful and fashionable and just had her Birthday on January 21 needed a gift. I wanted to make her a fun Birthday gift and since I’m kind of rocking the purses I knew what I would make her. This was a pattern from my newest book, Fabric by Fabric One Yard Wonders.

Flip it and reverse it.

This was a really different pattern for a purse than what I am used to. What was great is the One Yard Wonders included an easy to use pattern so it was very simple for the cutting of my fabric.

The exterior fabric required a home fabric, something thick and durable; I didn’t have that but I had an old pair of jeans that needed to be used. The interior was a my wonderful cotton fabric that I got on sale after Thanksgiving at JoAnn Fabrics. It was a funky purple and matched Kris’ personality.

The interior required a pocket and a snap which I have been using lately and love. The purse doesn’t have straps that attach like any other bag.

To make this purse I had to attach the exteriors including the handle and sew the bottom and side edges leaving the top open. After sewing the exterior I put the right sides together of the exterior and interior and sewed the top and handle. Because how the handle that is designed it wasn’t the typical sew the purse and flip it. After I flipped the purse inside out I sewed the edging of the top and the handle on the bag. The purse is almost done just let to sew the handles to the purse body. The instructions say to add a big button where the handle meets with the purse but I didn’t have any large buttons so I added, Thing-A-Ma-Jigs, a cute little flower.

As always iron is my best friend. It has been taking me anywhere from 2-3 hours to finish a bag, and depending on the bag I have been able to finish sooner about an hour and a half.

I hope Kris loves her gift. Happy Birthday to a great friend who will badly want to edit this post for me. : )

Happy Birthday

Bags & Purses Galore


One of the Christmas gifts I made was a new bag, The Curtain Shopper Bag. This was for my Aunt Lee Ann and I wanted to make it red! Luckily for me I had material from old curtain that my sister gave me that was red! I was going to make this bag with or without the curtain material but it was great to follow the instructions exactly, which I rarely do.

Fashionable Grocery Bag

The bag wasn’t to difficult to make  but there was some mistakes that I will be able to fix the next time around. I always remember my iron, pressing and making the fabric do what I need has been the number one key for my success with my sewing. I love interfacing and  I added the interfacing to the interior. The straps ended up being the trickiest for me and they always are on other bags as well.  I am really enjoying my sewing experiences more and more and I am really starting to understand the sewing instructions as well.


The Curtain Shopper Bag was from The Perfect Handmade Bag.

Christmas 2011


This Christmas I made everyone homemade gifts! Below are the pictures of their presents. I had a wonderful Christmas and got more into the season with each gift I made. I”m really happy with my progress in sewing and each year should be better and better. There will be some follow up blogs on two of the purses.

Dianna's purse!

Sam's Wallet & Coin/Card Wallet

Jo's Makeup holder. My First zipper.

Jo's Slippers!

Erin's Chicken oven mitt.

Erin's Oven Mitts.

Mom's Tea Cozy!

Aunt Lee Ann's Grocery Bag.

Jessie's Geisha Girl Bag!

Cat Lady in Making


 So I made doll clothes. I have an American Girl from when I was a kid, her name is Samantha. I had gotten rid of Samantha but my Grandma kept her for safe keeping. I recently purchased another American girl doll, Felicity, and my Grandma shipped Samantha. I decided I would like to make them outfits, but for the benefit of my practice for sewing. (I’m trying to justify this activity).

So I have the official America Girl Doll patterns that they sold in the 90’s for both of these dolls. Their outfits are period specific; Felicity is from 1774 and Samantha is from 1904. Their outfits are very detailed and need a lot of ribbons and lace that I can’t find at a craft store. I made a go of one of Samantha’s outfits because I had material for it.

It is her cape and footie things (like the technical term). I knew I didn’t want to mess up the nice fabric so for the first time EVER I made a muslin test outfit and I was happy I did.

What I learned from the muslin pattern.

  • I can make mistakes; it’s good to make them! I was able to really see how I can fix and update my final product by my mistakes.
  • I can change how I make the final outfit. Just like a recipe I can update it and make it my own the second time around.

What I learned with the final outfit.

  • To take my time and work out the kinks from my muslin outfit.
  • This is a difficult project and I need to take my time.
  • Iron will always be the best friend, and my new love for interfacing!
  • I need to make it my own! The material is different then the original American Girl outfit, but it follows the same theme of material. So really be creative!

With all the sewing I’ve done so far I’ve really learned to take my time and be patient. I can make something really wonderful that other people will enjoy too! This project was one of the hardest for me to do and it ended up being one of the items I’m most proud of. It turned out really well and everyone agreed with me too, that means it must be good! So yes this is the Cat Lady in making, I promise not to become a hoarder or have a smelly house.