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Messenger Friend


I love making bags; it is one of my favourite things to sew. I like using cute and different purses all the time; I also like bigger purses that aren’t heavy and I can accomplish that with cotton or other light weight material.

My best friend Sam wanted a bag from me and she needed something for when she rides her bike. We looked through a lot of different patterns and found a pretty simple messenger bag that meets her needs.

This awesome patter is in the Bags- the Modern Classics. I love this book and should have purchased it sooner, if you like to sew bags or are just starting out this is a great book. There are very helpful tips for pattern making and how to place your buttons, and cute, etc… Check it out.


Sam picked out a pattern and I knocked it out the next day. I always like to have muslin on hand; I often use it for lining of bags, patterns, and making test items first. I used my muslin for the lining on the messenger bag and created a pocket with the exterior fabric. Bags- the Modern Classics doesn’t have a full cut out pattern but the measurements and the corner pattern. A messenger bag is pretty simple because it is just a big square and the material scrap from your handles is the flap for your bag.

In Progress

This was a new way to make handles; the instruction has you sew your interior together and then your exterior pieces together. A picture would be great for this, but I failed. Next you sew right sides together of the exterior and interior except for about 3-5 inches at the top on the handles/strap leaving that free. Remove pins and inside out, this is where the magic happens, my sisters always ask me, “how will my strap turn out, will it be a knot or tied strap?” At this time you then take your free exterior strap pieces and sew the end raw edges right sides together and repeat for the interior. I hope that makes sense, check the book out. From there you can iron your unsewn strap to match the rest of your handles and top stitch the rest of your bag, strap is now completely sew and your bag is done!  

Done for Sam

I love making things for my family and friends. I get excited that I get better with each project and my skills keep growing.