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Creative Outlets


Sewing has taught me to be patient and to know its okay to mess up and mess up often. I love being creative and exploring different ways for an outlet. I recently bought a Diana F+ mini. I’ve completed one whole roll of of film and I messed up! I knew I might mess up before I even started but I wanted to try to all of the options for a 35 mm. I learned a lot with my first roll and I’m excited to see my second. Below are effects that I tried out.



  • With the Diana F+ mini you can choose from two frame formats. The half frame 17x24mm and the square frame 24x24mm. The first roll was shot in the half frame. This will come out as one whole frame split once it’s developed. 


  • Long Exposures didn’t work out for me this time. This is keeping your shutter open for a certain amount of time to let light in over a period of time. I need a tripod or a flat surface to test this out. Also I accidentally kept it open after for about the last 6 frames. I got a bunch of white pictures at the end.
  • I got one Multiple Exposures. This really didn’t work for me on any other picture because when I tried it my shutter was open from the long exposure. This was a fun effect to even test. I was able to take multiple shots in one frame. Click without winding.


  • Overlapping Exposures will be interesting to see on the full frame the 24x24mm. This is similar to multiple exposures. You click and wind a little and then click again while on the same frame. See my cute niece Cora below.




So go be creative and share. What is your creative outlet, comment and below about what makes you de-stress. Go mess up but learn from it and get better with each time you try.