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Sisters Quilt Show


Start of the Day at the lavender Festival.

Yesterday was  a great day! Check out Thing-A-Ma-Jigs Facebook page to see the album of our Sisters day of fun.

We went to Mckenzie River Lavender Farm to join in the lavender festival. This was a small farm but great to visit. We were there longer then expected because I locked my keys in the car and my sister had to come save us. After that ordeal was done we drove up to Sister, OR for the quilt show. My mom and I packed a lunch and ready to see the sites. Half way to Sisters we made a pit stop for lava rocks for my mom and then back on the Road.

We made it to sister and had a wonderful picnic.

Portable Picnic blanket, will be more on Etsy next Spring.

There were so many quilts I didn’t know where to start. They are all beautiful and so many different styles and colors. There was one quilt that had a great story with it; a women stitched this quilt by hand and it took her two years, she was battling cancer and wanted to finish before she couldn’t. Check out my Facebook to view all the pictures.

We walked around for about an hour and the thunder and lighting started up and quilts came down. I was bummed I wasn’t able to see more but it was a great day still! I really had a wonderful time with my mom.





I was walking through Jo Ann Fabrics, as normal, and I ran across a new line of oil cloth they had out. Luckily I had a 50% off coupon for the $12.99 a yard fabric. Off topic but does everyone experience the same grouchy sour puss faced employees at Jo Ann’s, I mean they are always cross. Anyway I had been in need of a new lunch bag and wanted to make one too.  This is not really a promotion for Jo Ann Fabrics but I found a great free pdf pattern for a lunch bag called, Cute-Enough-To-Eat, on their website.  I did my research and looked online at lots of different patterns and the Cute-Enough-To-Eat was the best shape and size that I needed.

I got a coral, sea foam green, and brown patterned material. I realized I am horrible at taking pictures while in progress of my project, so I will work on that to show more steps. I had Insul Bright material. It was a simple enough pattern, you cut rectangles for exterior, interior, and batting and square off the ends. You create a box with handles attached. The pattern allowed for a lot of flexibility in creating your own way to attach/close the bag. You can use a button, Velcro, snaps, whatever you want and however you want to decorate it.

This pattern still left a lot of the oil cloth and I look forward to make more lunch boxes. The next time I make a lunch bag I’m going to look for the thick plastic packing sheets that you may see in more store bought or temperature safe bags, I want my lunch bag to be really ready to keep the cool in.