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New items on Gypsy Jasmer


Check out the new items on my GypsyJasmer Etsy shop.

Satin Clutch

Cherry Blossom Pink Hobo Tote

Bike Bag

Blue Peony Clutch


Bags & Purses Galore


One of the Christmas gifts I made was a new bag, The Curtain Shopper Bag. This was for my Aunt Lee Ann and I wanted to make it red! Luckily for me I had material from old curtain that my sister gave me that was red! I was going to make this bag with or without the curtain material but it was great to follow the instructions exactly, which I rarely do.

Fashionable Grocery Bag

The bag wasn’t to difficult to make  but there was some mistakes that I will be able to fix the next time around. I always remember my iron, pressing and making the fabric do what I need has been the number one key for my success with my sewing. I love interfacing and  I added the interfacing to the interior. The straps ended up being the trickiest for me and they always are on other bags as well.  I am really enjoying my sewing experiences more and more and I am really starting to understand the sewing instructions as well.


The Curtain Shopper Bag was from The Perfect Handmade Bag.

Christmas 2011


This Christmas I made everyone homemade gifts! Below are the pictures of their presents. I had a wonderful Christmas and got more into the season with each gift I made. I”m really happy with my progress in sewing and each year should be better and better. There will be some follow up blogs on two of the purses.

Dianna's purse!

Sam's Wallet & Coin/Card Wallet

Jo's Makeup holder. My First zipper.

Jo's Slippers!

Erin's Chicken oven mitt.

Erin's Oven Mitts.

Mom's Tea Cozy!

Aunt Lee Ann's Grocery Bag.

Jessie's Geisha Girl Bag!