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First of Many


I have this dream of running away and becoming a nun that sings on the mountain tops, or teaching trouble kids to sing in a choir.

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Well really I just want to be involved in “ministry.” I’ve always had a mindset that I want it to be my full time job and that it wouldn’t fully be in ministry unless that happened. I know that’s not a true statement though. I realized and know that I’m called to ministry everyday and all day. I’m not very good at it, I really don’t have the best of attitudes. I know that when I use my talents God will make them beautiful for him and the real message will come through.

So weather you are not going to a church or involved in a religious organization this is something everyone can be apart of. I am making pillow case dresses for girls in Cambodia. My good friends Matthew and Melissa Stock are actively in missions over there. This idea is nothing new, you may have heard of Dresses for Africa or other organizations. All you do is sew dresses and send them over seas to kids in need of clothes. If you don’t know how to sew you can donate as well.

I followed the instructions from Sew Like My Mom.  Very easy and she also has great links for other dress organizations. I love sewing and I’ve been really busy at work and haven’t had much time to get back into the groove of it. This was a great project to get started again but also fun.

pillow case

So if something is calling you, do it. There may be other paths to accomplish your goals then what you originally envisioned. Mine is just getting involved now, don’t wait for others to try and help but just go for it. Sewing is an very expressive way for me to share with others. I hope the girls who wear theses dresses love them and know that they are from a God who loves them very much. If that can come across I don’t need to sing on a mountain top.