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Books and More


Well it’s been a busy Fall and Winter. I had a friend who just encouraged me to get back on to my blog. I’ve recently bought a lot of sewing books and I wanted to share them. They are awesome and I thought others would like to enjoy them too.

Two magazines that I buy every time I’m in a craft store are from Stampington & Company.  Apron*ology  and Haute Handbags are my favorite. I just bought the new Apron*ology today and I love it! If you like aprons for fashion, go get it! I secretly want to be a 50’s house wife, always look put together and in a fashionable dinner outfit. I would also be a women suffragette. I know different decade but I love romanticizing it all…while wear an apron.


Anyway to the books I’ve grown to love.

   123 Sew This has lots of different projects but they also grow in the skills you need with each project. I’ve sewed all the bags, the pin tuck clutch, pleated purse, and pleated messenger bag.

 Sew Serendipity Bags: Fresh and Pretty Projects to sew and Love.  I’ve sew the large foldable Shopper bag. I gave it as a gift.

 Sew Liberated . I’ve not sewed anything from this one yet. I got this book because I thought it would get me thinking more outside the box in a different way. I always take my own approach about sewing and crafts that I do. This book I thought could take me a bit past that. 

The Bag Making Bible. I would say that it is a great how to on everything from: binding, lining, zippers, pockets, and more. Great book. I made the reversible bucket bag today.  I made my biding out of a bandana. I’ll get pictures up soon.

I love reading sewing books and craft books more then anything. I really just like looking at pictures and these magazines and books make me want to read more about the pictures. Sewing and crafts are one of my de-stressers and I love it. Please comment and share any books or blogs that have gave you great ideas or just because you love it.